Rainwater tank

Purchasing a rainwater tank

Would you like to be able to store rainwater and are you, as such, looking for a new rainwater tank? BUWATEC B.V. is a reliable supplier of high-quality water tanks. We are specialised in modular (water) storage systems. If you are in search of a top quality rainwater tank, than you have come to the right place. Rainwater is stored with rainwater tanks by BUWATEC.

About us

BUWATEC is a supplier of modular (water) storage systems. In our extensive assortment, you can find various kinds and sizes of tanks and silos. Our products are popular for their flexibility, modularity and sustainability. Customers from all around the world know where to find us. The rainwater tank is part of our BUWAtanks line and is delivered as a number of separate parts: corrugated and curved metal sheet parts, tarpaulin, covers and accessories. As we sell our rainwater tanks as a prefab flat-pack, they can be transported easily and environmental-friendly. We have made the construction of our flat-packs as easy as possible for you. Simple hand-tools will suffice to build the new rainwater tank. Do you still have trouble with it? No problem. Just contact one of our dealers, who can be found across the country. There is always one near you!

Our network

Over the last ten years, BUWATEC B.V. has built up a significant network, which consists of dealers, spread across the country. As such, we always ensure that there is a dealer near you and you do not need to search endlessly for a dealer to answer your questions. We find our dealers very important and that is why we keep investing in them, for instance by means of trainings. We also keep them informed about new developments, product improvements and innovations. As such, they always have up-to-date product knowledge, enabling them to advise you appropriately about a rainwater tank. Of course, you can also contact them in case you have other questions. Our dealers are ready to help you!

A new rainwater tank by BUWATEC B.V.

At BUWATEC B.V., we have a large assortment of tanks and silos. Therefore, you are likely to find the rainwater tank you need, at us. Do you wish to know what you can use a rainwater tank for and what the costs of a rainwater tank are? Then please contact one of our dealers. They will be happy to tell you more about our products. Also customisation can be discussed with them. In addition, you can always ask them for technical support.

Purchasing a rainwater tank

Are you looking for a way to store rainwater? Whatever the reason is for you to want to store rainwater, at BUWATEC B.V., we can certainly help you. We are the one specialised supplier of modular (water) storage systems. You have come to the right place if you wish to purchase a rainwater tank to be able to store rainwater. Over the last decade, BUWATEC B.V. has built a substantial network across the country. This network consists of a large number of dealers, who sell our products and can advise about our products. We invest in this network, supporting dealers by means of product trainings, technical support, product improvements and innovations. As such, we invest in the knowledge level of our dealers. Our dealers are always aware of the latest trends and technological developments concerning our products and can always optimally advise and assist you, the customer. Whether you have questions about the methodology of our storage systems or if you wish to know something specific about, for instance, a rainwater tank, our dealers will gladly be of assistance.


BUWATEC B.V. is a supplier of modular (water) storage systems and is specialised in tanks and silos. We can proudly state that our products are spread across the world: they are sold worldwide. BUWAtanks, our line products, including the rainwater tank, are constructed of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts. In combination with tarpaulin, covers and accessories, these parts form complete storage systems. The BUWAtank systems are sold prefab, as flat-packs. Therefore the BUWAtank systems can be transported swiftly and in an environmental-friendly way. A BUWAtank system is can be built easily. All you need are some hand-tools. The advantages of a BUWAtank system are flexibility, modularity and sustainability of the system. In addition it is easy to install it yourself.

A new rainwater tank by BUWATEC B.V.

In the assortment of BUWATEC B.V., you can find many different types and sizes of rainwater tanks. There is a fair chance that you will find what you are looking for, at Buwatec B.V. A rainwater tank is suitable for many applications. You can contact BUWATEC B.V., as well as one of our dealers, for more information about the possibilities and costs of a new rainwater tank. Also if you prefer customisation, we can discuss it. A rainwater tank by BUWATEC B.V. is sustainable and can be built and installed easily. If you should not succeed in building and installing, one of our dealers will come over and assist you. On behalf of BUWATEC B.V. they offer technical support. This ensures the build-up and installation of a BUWATEC B.V. rainwater tank will be a success!

Are you looking a company that fulfils your wishes, supplying a rainwater tank?

Do you own a company that, for instance, trades flowers and plants? Or does your company need to water products on a daily basis? Or would you like to store large quantities of rainwater, using a product that takes little space, enabling you to optimally utilise your workspace to continue your business? Then, installing a new rainwater tank could prove to be useful. These tanks can be installed at your own site and they take up little of your space as they are built upwards. You could order these tanks at cheap companies, ensuring you to receive little service and quick loss of quality. Also, in that case, you will notice that the tanks will not last for years. Buwatec B.V. is a company that can perfectly help you when you have questions. From the first moment, you can be sure that we treat you genuinely, as a customer, and listen to your requests. As we work together with you to find a solution for your wishes and needs, you are assured of a perfect result, and even afterwards we will provide the service you need!

Are you looking for a rainwater tank for your company?

As we are a leader with regard to tank technology innovations, we are the right supplier for you. The results prove so, as our products are still sold worldwide. This rainwater tank is often used to store large quantities of rainwater that in turn is used to water land afterwards. Due to the fact that we only sell quality products, you will notice that you will enjoy this rainwater tank for many years and it will prove to be very convenient!

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