Slurry tank
BUWAtank MSBVC – MSCVC tank is a good solution for manure/slurry storage.

These tanks are especially developed for the storage of manure/slurry. The tanks are constructed from corrugated steel panels, and the panels of the MSBVC or MSCVC tanks have a minimum panel thickness of 1,2 or 1,4 mm. The tank is always galvanised and fully coated inside as well as outside. The uniquely developed “Super Vinyl Thermoplast” coating is well known under the name “Plastisol” and is exclusively manufactured for BUWATEC. The coating has a guaranteed layer thickness of 200 Mµ per side. This additional protection is essential in cases where the environment is more polluted or where there is a more aggressive atmosphere than average. Furthermore, this tank has been designed for a higher safety factor, and is more rigid than others. This is necessary because the manure/slurry held in these tanks needs to be mixed, which gives additional vibration and movements inside the tank. The storage tank is developed to be installed by only hand labour using only hand tools – without cranes or other equipment. Of course the storage tank will be combined with a variety of liner and cover options to complete this storage system.


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