Water storage tank

BUWATANK WSWA are a type of system for water storage.

The storage tank is developed to be installed only by manual labour and hand tools – without any cranes or other specialised equipment. The tanks are made from corrugated steel panels. For the WSW/WSWA tanks, all steel plates have a minimum thickness of 1,0 mm. Especially for larger tanks and for tanks placed outside, this tank is a good solution. The BUWAtank storage system is flexible and has a wide variety of different heights and diameters (from 2 up to 30 meter) and thus capacities. Each tank has been tested for resistance to wind load and for construction strength. All steel panels have a zinc layer finishing. For more durability and additional protection, the tank panels can be provided with a special plastisol coating. The uniquely developed “Super Vinyl Thermoplast” coating is well known under the name ‘Plastisol’ and is exclusively manufactured for BUWATEC. The coating has a guaranteed layer thickness of 200 Mµ per side. The storage tank can be combined with a variety of liner and cover options to complete this storage system.

pdf PDF BUWAtank WSWA 

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