BUWAliner EXTREME 0,75 mm

Liner extreme

BUWAliner Extreme 0,75 mm is the solution for storage of water containing limited amounts of chlorine.

BUWAliner Extreme 0,75 mm is a PVC foil, with a material thickness of 0,75 mm and manufactured in colour white. While other liners will deteriorate more quickly over time due to chlorince, this liner has a much better resistance to it. Use of chlorine in water is used more and more over the last years, expecially for holding potable or drinkable water. The liner is suitable for outside use in tanks up to a maximum of 3,88 meters in height. When used indoor, it is suitable for tanks up to 4,64 meters in height. The liner will be protected by protection blankets on the side and bottom to eliminate sharp edges. There is a specially designed outlet for liquid in/outlet which creates maximum flexibility. To guarantee the quality, this outlet is pre-manufactured in the liner. 
Installing the liner is easy by use of cord and rings.

BUWAliner Extreme 0,75 mm is the perfect solution for storage of rain- and clean water with an limited addition of chlorine – maximum 3 ppm.


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