BUWAcover Anti Algae Float

The BUWAcover Anti Algea Float is a basic floating cover to protect against algae growth.

Users of water storage systems are often confronted with algae growth, which can obstruct the irrigation system and influence the water quality, even rending water unusable. Algea growth is minimized by the floating cover by blocking sunlight. The woven polypropylene tissue covers the tank and water almost completely. Because the cover’s primary function is outdoor use, rainwater can get through the open structure of the cover material to prevent damages from the weight of the water. This cover is tailor made based on the diameter of the BUWAtank.

The floating cover needs to be installed inside the BUWAtank, attached to a system of floating polyvinylchloride (PVC) tubes. The PVC tubes are not included with this BUWAcover, and will need to be purchased locally and made into a floating system, this reduces transport costs substantially as PVC tubing is easily accessible and affordable around the world.

pdf PDF BUWAcover floating

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