Range of accessories for storage systems.

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BUWAfix  PDF BUWAaccessories BUWATEC designed a special treatment for the fixing material. All bolts, washers and nuts are treated with a special zincrolyte finishing to provide the highest level of protection against corrosion.
BUWAclamps  PDF BUWAaccessories BUWATEC developed special clamps for support by the fixation of the liner and felt cloth. These clamps will only be used during installation.
Reinforcementpanel  PDF BUWAaccessories BUWATEC developed a special panel to strengthen the tank wall for the in/outlet to be constructed into the tank wall. Making a hole in the tank wall for fitting the pipework weakens the structural integrity of the tank. The reinforcement panel stabilizes the tank by countering this weakness.
Corner Hooks  PDF BUWAaccessories BUWAtanks on a concrete foundation need to be fixed in place. BUWATEC provides specially designed L-shape corner hooks. Especially for empty tanks, these corner hooks are essential to avoid movement and shaking in case of heavy winds.
BUWAvalve  PDF PDF BUWAvalve Industrial solution suitable for manual locking of underground pipework.


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