watertank football stadium read more
mrt, 02, 2018

BUWATEC supplies water tank for football stadium

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BUWATEC was involved in a very special project this summer through one of its dealers. This dealer, from Belarus, got the unique request to place a water tank at a football stadium. The water in this tank is used to keep the football pitch healthy and green throughout the season. This team is currently at … read more

Watertanks project Australia read more
aug, 24, 2017

Watertank project Katunga Australia

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Buwatec supplied in Katunga Australia BUWAtank watertanks with the BUWAtop steel roof system for this project. It is initiated by one of our Dutch business partners. We provided a water storage tank with a capacity of approximately 200 m3. The water storage tank, including the steel roof, is used to protect the irrigation water against … read more

mestsilo buwatec read more
jul, 14, 2017

Collaboration with new dealers in the Dutch Agri-culture market.

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BUWATEC supplies storage systems to store liquid manure. Buwatec is now in possession of a KIWA certificate called KOMO, which is necessary to legally sell manure tanks. BUWATEC has an official certificate under the number K49851 / 03, Buwatec uses this certificate since 2016, certifying the combination between a tank, liners and the cover as … read more

New Buwatec decals read more
apr, 26, 2017

New Buwatec information labels

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By January 1, 2017 each steel watertank is identified with new labels. Each steel watertank plate is marked with a decal, showing specific information on ring and position of the plate, as well as steel quality, strength, supplied zinc quality and coating. One watertank panel in the upper ring shows two decals serial numbers. Each … read more

commercial water tanks read more
mrt, 06, 2017

Buwatec introduce new zinc quality in combination with higher steel qualities

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This innovation is based on adapted steel strength for our water tank plates combined with the latest technique in zinc layer process ZM200, with addition of aluminium and magnesium. The innovative zinc method contributes to a more environmental friendly process. Furthermore we make use of higher quality of steel which makes it possible to construct … read more

Watertank in progress read more
feb, 27, 2017

New WSW Assortment Watertanks

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In the coming months Buwatec will introduce a new assortment based on export requirements and quick installation for water strorage systems with light weight tank plates resulting in easy handling for transport in containers or trucks. At the same time we introduce within the WSW-assortment a stronger steel quality (S350) for the water tanks. In … read more

Watertank for irrigation read more
feb, 07, 2017

From the media: Grower turns to tank technology for irrigation

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In the Capital Press, a media source for agriculture, we found an happy owner of a watertank with BUHexa covers. Before, the owner looked for watertanks in which to save his well water during the rainy season. He could apply that water in the dry summer due a watertank. He wants to use the watertank … read more

Loading of a steel water tank read more
jan, 06, 2017

Why are short sheets better than long sheets?

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Water storage can you afford to wait? Hello, I’m Pieter Versluis, Export Manager at Buwatec. Wherever you are in the world, floods and extremely dry periods are becoming the norm. The result is rising water prices, and an increased risk of water rationing or flooding. Buwatec has recently taken steps to make a usual solution … read more

KIWA certificate read more
okt, 31, 2016

Newsfact: KIWA certificate

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The BUWAtank systems for storage of manure and sludge are rewarded with a renewed certificate. This certificate comply with the requirement as expressed in the BRL 2342. (Dutch commission for construction quality)

slurry tank read more
aug, 12, 2016

Industry: Canada

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An international success is installing the first new roof cover system named BUWAcone in Canada. This new system prevents filth/dirt enter the tank. Secondly, it is a full protection against algae growth inside the tank. The roof system in combination with a BUWAtank is suitable for the industry and drinking water business. The BUWAcone is … read more

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