Horticulture water tanks

The developments in the world of horticulture transform this business continuously. Customer demand and scientific and technical advancements are the leading causes of innovations in automation, mechanisation and techniques. Significant innovations for LED-lighting, heating/cooling and water techniques have taken place in recent years. It is important for the irrigation sector and processes to comply to the latest trends in the growing process.

Water treatment obligation for Dutch horticulture businessHorticulture water tanks

As per the 1st of January 2018 there will be a nationwide and legal obligation in place for treating wastewater for the Horticulture business in the Netherlands. The drain water, from the steel water tanks, requires a treatment to extract the pesticides. The new legislation requires a level of 95 percent cleaning before the water can be discharged. This legal obligation for the grower is primarily an individual purification duty. The grower needs to invest in a standalone infrastructural purification installation, or, alternatively, use a mobile (rental) purification unit. In some cases there is an opportunity to build a collective treatment installation for several local growers. Every business involved in horticulture that uses pesticides in their wastewater, which will be discharged via the public sewage facilities or on surface water, is obliged to operate an official qualified purification installation.

Water storage systems for horticulture

Over the last few decades, BUWATEC developed itself into the world’s leading company in water storage systems for the horticulture segment. In this segment, BUWATEC delivers complete steel water tanks for irrigation and aquaponics. Together with their customers, BUWATEC works hard to implement new horticulture innovations of steel water tanks that are suitable for irrigation, aquaponics, purification and the treatment of water.

Watersilo greenhouse insideWater silos for algae farming

An interesting and fast growing segment in the horticultural business is algae farming. There are two basic systems to farm algae: closed systems and open ponds/basins. Farming algae takes place in water of approximately 30-50 cm deep. These algae products are used for example as basic food in the aquaculture, such as mussels farming. Furthermore, algae’s will be used as raw material in the biofuel business. This segment is rapidly innovating and the demand for this product is projected to increase in the coming years. The farming of algae needs large quantities of water and therefore water storage systems and purification. The development of this business requires water purification installations, and BUWATEC is equipped to provide the necessary infrastructure for these installations and storage requirements.

The complete water silo for horticulture

The BUWATEC water tanks for irrigation and aquaponics are complete water storage systems. The water tanks are modular and based on curved corrugated steel plates. The liner in the steel water tank has various qualities and applications. In combination with different covers and roof systems, the water tank can be composed into a fully closed water storage system for the horticulture, especially for irrigation and aquaponics.

Advantages of watertanks for horticulture by BUWATEC:
  • The steel water tanks have been developed and are manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • Unique coating on the galvanised steel tank plate water tanks.
  • Product innovations – new galvanized method ZM200 and/or use of different steel qualities S350.
  • Water silos – durability and more environmentally friendly.
  • Water tanks – are suitable for water storage in irrigation, algae farming, aquaponics and storage of purification installations and plants.

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