Fish tank

Fish tank

fish tankDo you have a company and would you like to store, breed or cultivate large quantities of fish? A BUWATEC fish tank is a relatively fast and straightforward way to store fish. The BUWATEC fish tank has a high capacity without using a lot of space. We have abundant experience and knowledge concerning the delivery of modular storage tanks. A fish tank could be beneficial for you if you want to store fish to sell to customers. We can have a tailor-made fish tank made to suit your company’s needs. We realize high-quality fish tanks. A BUWAtank by BUWATEC is made from corrugated steel plates, which, in combination with a tank cloth, a tank cover system and various accessories, ensure perfect storage.

Why a BUWATEC fish tank?

Traditional concrete fish tanks are often attractively priced, but are incredibly time-consuming to construct and maintain. Time which is better spent on your company. Additionally, their quality depends on a number of factors. These factors are local expertise, the availability of raw materials and whether these raw materials are of a decent quality. Synthetic tanks are another alternative, but are often limited in terms of their size. On top of that, these tanks cannot be kept outside and are difficult to transport or move. Due to the fact that these tanks are not resistant to weather conditions, they can only be kept indoors where they take up a lot of space. The BUWATEC fish tank is designed in such a way that it can easily be kept outside. These fish tanks are straightforward to assemble and easy to maintain. Do you have tilapia, trout, herring, carp or salmon which you would like to cultivate? This is perfectly possible in a BUWATEC fish tank.

The advantages of a fish tank

A BUWATEC fish tank is exceptionally suitable for fish cultivation. Due to the fact that they are made from the right material and their high quality, they can be used to cultivate various types of fish. Would you like a steel water tank for your fish farm? This is possible at BUWATEC. A steel water tank has many benefits. BUWATEC will gladly inform you of the options. BUWATEC supplies steel water silos for aquaculture in various diameters. Would you like a steel water silo with a 30-meter diameter? We provide this choice! Our farming tanks do not have any form of concrete foundation. As a result, you can easily dismantle and reuse your tank. A BUWATEC fish tank is a good investment for the long and short term. Would you like to know more about the benefits of a BUWATEC fish tank? Please visit our website. Here, you will find more information concerning the various BUWATEC tanks.

Delivery and transport

Due to the fact that a variety of our fish tanks are not manufactured with a concrete base, we are able to offer quick service. Our installation demands relatively few materials and tools. As a result, you could be enjoying your own fish tank soon. Furthermore, operational costs are kept low because the installation takes place above ground. Would you like to export to continents such as Africa, Asia or South America? The BUWATEC water tanks are exceptionally suitable for this. On our website, you can find a video about a fish-cultivation project of ours featuring our fish tank for fish cultivation in Africa.

BUWATEC is aware that fish is increasingly being cultivated in its natural environment. This allows for its cultivation in controlled circumstances. This working methodology is becoming increasingly popular. The costs of catching fish in open water is raising; the ultimate problem of this is overfishing, which can damage the natural living environment of the fish and lead to high product costs. With our products, we provide the option of monitoring fish production and fish cultivation. We do this by striking a good balance between operational costs and market revenues. Would you like to know more about this? You can contact us via the telephone or email. We will gladly inform you of our options.

The BUWATEC working method

Since its founding, BUWATEC has developed into a global market force. We can proudly refer to ourselves as the independent market leader in the field of water-storage systems. Our tanks are versatile and multifunctional. Amongst other things, they can be used as part of small-scale water-treatment factories, biogas installations, agriculture or fish cultivation. Do you need help processing manure or are you active in agriculture? BUWATEC has whatever you need and can offer assistance. BUWATEC can quickly and efficiently install tanks. The products and materials of BUWATEC are designed in such a way that you can even set up the tanks yourself. The installation of a BUWATEC tank is based on a pre-prepared foundation. The significant advantage of this working method is that we are incredibly flexible and keep costs as low as possible. We will gladly drop your tank off soon.

Do you have specific needs or wishes? Please feel free to let us know! BUWATEC will gladly cooperate with you to realize your tailor-made tank. We will support you in this process and will gladly provide assistance. BUWATEC is a large, global company that is active in over 50 different countries. We export tanks and silos for liquids and cooperate closely with local specialists in different market segments, such as water-purification, horticulture, drinking-water companies and agriculture. We stand for the improvement of our products and innovation. On top of that, BUWATEC assists its dealers with product trainings and by offering technical support, amongst other things.

BUWATEC strives for proper cooperation and innovation. We make sure our customers are satisfied. We listen to the local needs of our customers and create tailor-made tanks based on their specific requirements. Don’t continue searching for a fish tank or silo that is cheap, but opt for a high-end, qualitatively superior fish tank. Our service is fast, effective and efficient. We are here for you and your storage needs! We offer abundant options. Are you curious about our options? Please visit our website, where you will find more information concerning our company, our products, our latest news and photographs. In this way, you will be able to see what a BUWATEC fish tank or silo looks like with your own eyes. We look forward to seeing you at BUWATEC.

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