BUWATEC developed itself into an independent, world leader company in modular (water) storage systems based on curved corrugated steel plates for storage of all sorts of liquids.

BUWATEC’s core activity is distributing complete liquid storage systems. We have developed a large range of equipment to collect, store and/or keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, (rain) water harvesting, aquaponics and storage of drain- and recirculation water. Besides the equipment, we also developed knowledge for collection and recollection of water in areas confronted with water scarcity. Our products are also used as a part of small scale water treatments plants, biogas installations, drink water installations, aquaculture as fish farming tanks and for processing slurry in the agricultural business.

BUWATEC offers a modular system for water tanks. The water tank system has been designed based on export requirements for quick installation and efficient transport. The water tanks are developed in a way that manual construction can be executed by man power only. Installation is based on a prefab foundation to reduce costs and provide maximum flexibility with regard to location.

BUWATEC exports water tanks to 43 different countries around the world. In all countries we operate with local specialists in specific branches or market segments. BUWATEC supplies (water) storage tanks in several market segments such as industry, aquaculture, drinking water, water purification, horticulture and agriculture. Our customers understand the local requirements and together we design solutions for specific applications.

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