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Jul, 14, 2017

Collaboration with new dealers in the Dutch Agri-culture market.

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BUWATEC supplies storage systems to store liquid manure. Buwatec is now in possession of a KIWA certificate called KOMO, which is necessary to legally sell manure tanks.

BUWATEC has an official certificate under the number K49851 / 03, Buwatec uses this certificate since 2016, certifying the combination between a tank, liners and the cover as one complete system. Specialized and qualified installation dealers guarantee the sale,installation and maintenance of our manure storage systems. These specialists also supply the other equipment, such as manure mixers, manure pumps and manure valves. Keep in mind that, manure systems are based on corrugated and curved metal sheet parts, in combination with Buwatank liners and covers. After a period of 10 years, a quality and aging check is necessary.

Since June 1, 2017, Buwatec has established an exclusive partnership with 2 specialized companies for the sale and installation of BUWATEC manure storage tanks in the Netherlands.

Beutech Agro from Steenwijk is strong in supplying, installing, approving and maintaining manure storage systems. BUWATANKS are also suitable for collecting water, sludge and other liquids. For more information go to

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Wopereis Stefos storage systems provide high quality, expert advice and reliable after-care. Customizing and CO-oporation are very important to this specialist. For more information, see and / or

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