BUWAflexstore system

BUWAflexstore system is the optimal solution for storage potable water in BUWAtanks.

The BUWAflexstore system is a practical system for covering tanks. This complete closed storage system is the good combination between BUWAtank, BUWAliner and BUWAcover
The tank is always installed with a minimum panel thickness of 1,0 mm or thicker depending on size. The liner/cover is fully integrated and fixed to the tanks in a traditional way with stretch band and ratchet bucklers to the steel tank construction.

The BUWAflexstore system has a wide variety of diameters with a volume up to a maximum of 1700 m3. The complete closed structure prevents wind damage of the BUWAliner. The closed structure also prevents algae growth, pollution and garbage inside the tank. The cover of BUWAliner will float on the water level and moves up and down with the water level. Rainwater will be drained via a special outlet in the middle of the tank wall. We have developed a substantial amount of knowledge and experience with the BUWAflexstore system.

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