BUWAliner Fecatex

Fecatex liner for slurry applications
The BUWAliner Fecatex is the storage solution for manure and slurry applications.

The BUWAliner Fecatex liner is suitable for storage of manure or slurry. The original PVC material has a specific coating, which is highly resistant against the influence of methane and ammonia. The liner has also an additional reinforcement tensile to strengthen the material. The liner will be installed together with a fibre blanket to protect the liner against sharp edges inside the BUWAtank. The liner will be protected by a 250 gr/m2 bottom protection blanket to avoid damaging the bottom part of the liner. The special conical design of the outlets gives maximum flexibility. The installation of BUWAliner Fecatex is by rustproof rings, drag cord and liner hooks. This liner will in combination with the BUWAtank a perfect solution for the storage of manure or slurry.

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 BUWAliner Fecatex

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