BUWAtop metal roof

The BUWAtop Metal Roof cover is a sophisticated solution for potable water and industrial use. It is available for all BUWAtank constructions up to a maximum diameter of 8 meters.

The BUWAtop Metal Roof system is the best system to protect the stored liquid against influence from outside. Especially, potable water or liquid for industrial use needs to be clean and without garbage and dirt. The steel roof covers the tank completely and algae growth will be avoid. The steel roof is separated in a number of panels, which are fitting together to become a water tight cover system. The installation is easy, whilst the panels are very light and assembly simple and quick. The panels are clock wise installed and fixed with metal spanners on the outside of the BUWAtank.

As an additional advantage the BUWAtop Metal Roof will protect liner and tank against heavy wind falls.

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