Drinkwater purification and drinking water tanks

In relation to quantities our globe contains more water then land, but of all the available water only 2,5 percent is qualified as fresh water. The latest studies show that only one percent of these fresh water resources can be used as drinking water. We are not always aware, but one of the most important universal child rights is “access to clean water’’. Naturally, there will be an even greater constrain on our fresh water resources with an increasing global population combined with the increase in industrial and agricultural activities. Directly linked with drinking water there is the necessity for a solution regarding sanitation and hygiene.

Drinkwater tanks AfricaClean drink water in general

The globe population will increase from seven towards nine billion inhabitants in 2030. Unfortunately, the general estimation is that out of this seven billion people more than one billion have no direct excess to clean drink water. Even worse three billion people do not feature the appropriate sanitation and hygiene services. Furthermore, the middle and small sized cities are growing rapidly and at this moment 80 percent of the world population lives nearby the coastal areas and this will increase. The direct result will be to provide these areas with clean (drink) water in the future.

Climate consequences for clean drink water

As a result of climate changes the wet areas becomes more wet and dry areas in the world becomes more dry. The water nuisance and water scarcity are increasing on larger scale. In 2025 three billion people will be confronted with water stress, whilst at this moment approximately 500 million people have trouble with water shortages. Solutions for the storage of clean drink water, as well as sanitation services and hygiene equipment is an enormous challenge.

BUWATEC works together with specialist in the field of water purification and drinking water

Over the last years BUWATEC became involved in the storage of potable and drinking water projects. We developed contacts and executed contracts with specialists in the fields of water purification, NGO organisations and National Governments. For the future we will develop durable and affordable solutions in this segment due to cooperation’s with water purification companies. BUWATEC delivers the structure for drink water plants as well as potable water tanks.

BUWATEC supplies water silos for water treatment installationsWatertank for clear water

A good solution for safe and hygienic potable water are steel water storage systems. With a good quality of liner and a roof system it will dispute pollution, evaporation and algae growth. Besides, it will guarantee availability of clean and safe drinking water. BUWATEC is manufacturing and distributing these potable water tanks.

Advantages water storage tanks for water purification and water treatment
  • Safe and secure water storage tanks based on steel water tanks and water silos as part of water cleaning installations.
  • Water silos in combination with additional equipment will protect against pollution of clean drink water.
  • These drinking water tanks with cover systems are suitable to protect water against algae growth and evaporation.
  • Water tanks are a cost solution as basic hardware for water purification and treatment plants.

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